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Big smiles with great teeth for life!

NewLife™ El-Natural Toothpaste is a great way to make sure your teeth and gums stay healthy. This guarantees a lifetime of smiles for you and your family. Made from natural ingredients, this is perfect for you and your children!


- Contains natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, bee propolis and licorice root extract

- Helps fight tooth decay and bad breath

- Helps prevent bacterial infections

- Helps remove plaque

- Helps stimulate the immune system in the upper respiratory tract.

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NewLife™ introduces a toothpaste with no fluoride and chloride. Fluoride, the common ingredient in the toothpaste, contributes to the increased rates of hypothyroidism as well as other health concerns without improving dental health. Switch to a chemical-free toothpaste with your little ones today!

- Rich in natural ingredients with anti-bacterial properties – Contains only natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, bee propolis, licorice root extract and so on that can keep your gums stronger. It is the best remedy to tackle bleeding gums by dropping wonda oil onto the toothpaste while brushing teeth.

- Heals bleeding gum and stops gum from receding.

- Helps prevent tooth decay.

- Helps fight bacterial infections.

- Helps remove plaque.

- Helps prevent bad breath.

- Helps enhance oral hygiene.

- Helps relieve dry cough and tonsillitis.

- Helps relieve ulcers and inflammation in the mouth and throat.

- Helps stimulate the immune system in the upper respiratory tract.

Tooth loss among adults is mainly due to gum (periodontal) disease caused by bacteria. Bleeding or swelling indicates the beginning of gum disease. If untreated the gum would recede until they are unable to support the teeth. Therefore, brushing teeth and gums with toothpaste that has natural anti-bacterial properties is vital for healthy teeth.

Healed From Gum Inflammation

For over 3 years I had inflammation in both my upper and lower gums. The constant excruciating pain on my right lower gum has often almost unbearable. Also, whenever I ate, I had the feeling that my whole set of my teeth would drop out.

I visited dentists on several occasions, but to no avail. I even tried using salt water as recommended, but the problem always came back.

Nine months ago, I met Dr. Lynn Tan at the market. She noticed the conditions of my gum and suggested that I use the NewLife™ El-Natural Toothpaste with a drop of Wonda Oil. Since following her advice, my teeth and gums have been restored to healthy conditions.

Once the pain on the right lower gum came back, so I immediately rubbed the affected part with Wonda Oil several times, the pain instantly went away!

I am thankful to God for such a simple, cheap and effective remedy for my long suffering.

Ms. Elly Leng Nyet Chin, June/ July 1999

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