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Co Q10 is a vitamin like enzymes that can be found in every individual cells of your body. It is essential for cell, tissue, and organ health.

Co Q10 is a powerful antioxidant which is needed for every process of life. It provides the "spark" which cells need to initiate energy. From birth,everyone has a large supply of Co Q10 at birth;however but this supply declines rapidly as we age. Most people may experience a declining level of C0 Q10 after the age of 30 have a declining level of C0 Q10.

Flaxseed Extract 100mg

Coenzyme Q10 60mg

Scientific trials revealed amazing health benefits

  • Review of several clinical trials concluded that coenzyme Q10 supplementation ranged between 34 mg/day to 225 mg/day has the potential in lowering systolic blood pressure up to 17 mm Hg and diastolic blood pressure by up to 10 mm Hg without significant side effects in hypertensive patients1.

  • Oral supplementation of 300 mg/day of Coenzyme Q10 improved fatigue sensation, physical performance and hastened recovery during fatigue-inducing physical workload trials if when compared to those without Coenzyme Q10 supplement, implying that Coenzyme Q10 possessed anti-fatigue potential2.
  • Administration of 150 mg/day of Coenzyme Q10 offered significant protection against oxidative stress and increase antioxidant enzyme activity in patients with coronary heart disease due to its excellent antioxidant function3.
  • Supplementation of Coenzyme Q10 during pregnancy has resulted in reducing the risk of developing pre-eclampsia due to the complex bioenergetics and antioxidant roles of Coenzyme Q104.

Adult: For health maintenance, take 1-2 capsules daily. If the body is under stress or ill, the need for Co Q10 would increase. Some doctors recommend as much as 600 mg daily as supplements for cancer patients.

The Challenge

Coenzyme Q10 is found naturally in the body and plays a significant role in energy production in for all the cells. As such, it is important for the health of virtually all tissues and organs. The heart requires an adequate supply of Co Q10 in maintaining heart muscle function. However, the body’s ability to synthesize CoQ10 declines with as it age. Additionally, external factors may also contribute to CoQ10 depletion. Long term consumption of nutrient-deficient foods may disrupt natural biosynthesis of CoQ10 by our body. Prescribed medications and our toxic environment may also increase our need for CoQ10. Just imagine we are exposed our possible exposure to countless free radicals today where that our CoQ10 stores reserves may be required to work are working extra harder in shielding against these harmful molecules, thereby increases our need for Co Q10.

The solution:  Co Q10 Plus
Through our extensive research, NewLife™ International has developed a special advanced formula of CoQ10 that is synergistically blended with essential fatty acids found in flaxseed concentrate to enhance the bioavailability of CoQ10. This essential fatty acid from flaxseed concentrate provides the special “transport system” for the CoQ10. With this special advanced formula of CoQ10, you can be assured that it will be fully absorbed and not eliminated out of your body. This would mean greater absorption, a higher blood level of CoQ10 and faster better results. As veggie, the capsules are used, are veggie capsules; hence, it is ideal for vegetarians. You can may now reclaim your health and energy with CoQ10! You can may expect the followings:

•    Stronger and healthier heart
•    Increased energy level
•    Healthier blood pressure level
•    Healthier cholesterol level
•    Keep you more Increased alertness and alleviated tiredness
•    Stronger immune system
•    Radiant, younger-looking complexion

Who will benefit from Co Q10 Plus?
•    Ideal for people age above 25 who desire People above age 25, who want an anti-aging solution
•    Ideal for people with diabetes
•    Ideal for people with migraine headache
•    Ideal for people with high blood cholesterol level
•    Ideal for People with high blood pressure level
•    Ideal for people who want to maintain healthy heart function
•    Ideal for people who want like to have an immune booster
•    Ideal for people who want a healthy brain function
•    Ideal for people with low energy level and who are easily tired

Are all Co Q10 supplements the same?
There are many CoQ10 supplements available commercially. Be cautious when you purchase them. Not all products offer it in their its purest form. Furthermore, not all can be are equally absorbed into by the body. Natural COQ10 is oil soluble and therefore CoQ10, in its natural form, would require an effective oil medium to aid the be absorbed into the blood stream.

What are the different kinds of CoQ10 that are commercially available?

There are several kinds of CoQ10 in the market. Generally, they fall in the following categories:
1.    CoQ10 which is water soluble and which has molecules that have been reduced to a smaller size compared to than the natural ones
Natural CoQ10 is oil soluble and with its molecules size are  of about 25 microns, and it is in size similar to the ones that exist in our body. The natural Co Q10 that exists in our body is of such nature as well. Water soluble CoQ10 supplements and/or CoQ10 with molecules that are  reduced into a smaller in size have been  are processed and are not natural to the body. They are not the kind of different from the CoQ10 which that the body will uses.

2.    CoQ10 mixed with different forms of oil, often in a hydrogenated form
Doctors involved in the natural healing of cancer often forbid the consumption of all forms of oil, except Flax Seed Oil. As such, Hence, CoQ10 in this category is not suitable as a dietary supplement for the cancer patients. Further, if hydrogenated oil is present, it is no longer then it is not healthy fit for consumption.

3.    Co Q10 without the presence of oil
Because As natural CoQ10 is oil soluble, without having the presence of the right medium of oil present, it is hardly absorbed into the body.



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