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Nature's Gift Calcium Complex with Boron is a very special blend of Calcium and Boron, along with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin B-12, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc and Vitamin B6.This synergistic combination of ingredients work together to enhance bone strength and to provide for the maximum absorption of Calcium for the bones.

If you are concerned with maintaining peak Calcium levels for total protection, Nature's Gift Calcium Complex with Boron may be your excellent choice. As most of the calcium supplements are not created equally, you may be better protected with Nature’s Gift Calcium Complex, a powerful blend of ingredients essential to enhance absorption and utilisation.

Serving Size: 4 Softgels

Vitamin A (as beta carotene) 1000IU

Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) 200mg

Vitamin D (as ergocalciferol) 200IU

Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCl) 20mg

Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin) 120mcg

Calcium (as amino acid chelate, aspartate, carbonate) 1000mg

Phosphorus (as amino acid complex) 100mg

Magnesium (as amino acid chelate, aspartate, oxide) 200mg

Zinc (as picolinate, amino acid chelate) 10mg

Boron (as citrate, glycinate, aspartate) 3mg

Other ingredients: Soy oil, gelatin, glycerin, calcium and purified water

Scientific trials revealed amazing health benefits

  • It was recorded by the Author of the book, “Essentiality of boron for healthy bones and joints” that the lack of dietary boron have caused the occurrence and severity of some forms of arthritis. He discovered that arthritic pain, swelling and stiffness of joints subsided through following 6 mg/day of elemental boron intake in the form of sodium tetraborate1.

  • The necessity of boron supplementation for healthy bones and joints is supported by the clinical evidences that people with arthritis had lower concentration of boron in femur heads, bones and synovial fluid. On the other hand, boron supplementation has resulted in stronger and harder bones in tested individuals1.

  • Research had shown that higher calcium intake up to 800 mg/day in postmenopausal women could significantly reduce bone loss compared to those with lower calcium intake. It further unfolded that the organic form of calcium (calcium citrate malate) appeared to be more effective than inorganic form of calcium (calcium carbonate) in preserving bone density2.

  • Calcium and vitamin D supplementation was associated in the reduction of all-cancer risks in postmenopausal women3.

Take 3 capsules 2 times daily

The Challenge

Recent studies showed that people these days obtain only about half the amount of calcium required by their body daily. This is partly due to the lack of calcium food in their daily diet. Hence, many individuals may be prone to have lower bone density as well as at higher risk of developing osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

One can rely on food sources such as dairy products, vegetables like broccoli, nuts and many other foods for calcium. However, you cannot be too sure that these foods will provide all the calcium.

Those who are intolerant to lactose may have already omitted the ingestion of calcium-rich dairy products such as milk and cheese. In addition, modern farming methods, with the extensive use of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones and antibiotics may have depleted the nutritional value in many of our foods. Therefore, you should consider taking a calcium supplement than rely on food sources alone.

The solution: Nature’s Gift Calcium Complex with Boron

Nature’s Gift Calcium Complex with Boron is an excellent choice for anyone concerned with maintaining peak calcium level for total protection. It is a very special blend of Calcium and Boron along with vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B12, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and vitamin B6. These ingredients work synergistically to enhance bone strength and provide for the maximum absorption of calcium for the bones. Nature’s Gift Calcium Complex with Boron is one of the most highly effective osteo-protector combinations available:

  • It supplies 10 essential nutrients for maximum bone strength building

  • It comes in the form of soft natural gelatin capsule which is easier to swallow and enhances bioavailability of nutrients

  • It is 100% milk free

  • It is fortified with one of the latest nutritional breakthroughs, Boron

  • It contains chelated forms of minerals which will not only enhance the absorption, but also act as chelating agents to remove unwanted toxic metals from the body.

Who will benefit from Nature’s Gift Calcium Complex with Boron?

  • Ideal for postmenopausal women who want to maintain healthy bone density level and prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthritis

  • Ideal for adults who want to maintain a healthy heart function, bones and teeth

  • Ideal for adults who may have risks in getting high blood pressure

  • Ideal for people who often experience muscle cramp

  • Ideal for people who want a better sleep

  • Ideal for people who suffer from premenstrual syndrome (PMS)


After menopause, I started to develop arthritic pain in the joints of my fingers, knees and elbows. The pain became worse as the months went by. I started taking Nature’s Gift Calcium Complex with Boron. The arthritic pain disappeared after 2 months!

~ Mrs. Tan ~

I suffered from very bad backaches; Nature’s Gift Calcium Complex with Boron became my lifesaver that helped keep the aches away.

~ Mrs. Chung ~

My mother used to have pain in her knees due to old age. Nature’s Gift Calcium Complex with Boron helped her strengthen her knees and stay pain free.

~ Mr. T. Chee ~


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* This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases.

My period began at the age of 14. During every menses, I suffered from fever and extreme fatigue. There were times I had to lie down all day long, not able to do anything. By age 18, not only had I put on excessive weight, I developed a very serious acne problem. Big, unsightly, swollen pimples were all over my face. I was so ashamed to look at myself in the mirror. I felt inferior and lousy about myself, and I missed out on the joys of much of my youth, which should have been an exciting experience.

When I turned 22, I met Ms. Jarrow Marcus. He introduced me to Dr. Lynn Tan?s DRP and gave me a lot invaluable advice. However, deep down, I was sceptical and apprehensive about the products and programme. Having read the Healthy Living series, which is works and was convinced that the way to build a healthy body is through diet and lifestyle?

In May 2002, I started DRP with the intention of completing it for 7 days. I felt healthier and more alive during the course, so I decided to carry on the programme, which lasted for 21 days. During that time, I shed 13kg, arriving at my ideal weight of 49kg from 62kg. My pimples also started to clear up. And thank God, no more discomfort or pain when I had my menses in the following month.

I did another round of DRP for 14 days in September 2005 to continue ?spring cleaning? my body, knowing that I had abused it over the years with poor choices of food. After the programme, I continue on daily supplements such as 5 Essentials, Niacin, C Complex, Garlic & Parsley Oil, and Chromium Picolinate, as well as undergoing the coffee enema twice every day.

I have been using Annemarie Borlind Purifying Care Series and Ultra Stick for many years now. My complexion has improved so tremendously that no one would believe that I had chronic acne if I did not show them my old pictures.
I found a new life. I have my self-confidence back and my weight and acne problems are behind me. I do not even remember what period pain is like anymore!

Thank you, NewLife™, I love NewLife™.

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My high cholesterol history peaked at 6.1 (normal range is below 5.2 mmol/L), and I was under close monitoring by my physician. After doing the DRP, my cholesterol level regulated itself at a healthy 3.93, and I do not have to go for more check-ups. I will definitely continue to do DRP periodically to maintain my health and also to eat healthy.

I am now 61 years and used to have trouble falling asleep due to hormonal changes. Taking Kelp and Organic Chamomile Herbal Tea have helped me sleep better now.

I had never taken any calcium supplements in the past. In October 2006, I suddenly felt as if the bones in my left leg were fragmentizing. I went to the hospital and had heat treatment and physiotherapy, but the pain still remained. I started taking NewLife™ Calcium Complex with Boron. It contains chelated forms of calcium which not only enhance absorption, but also acts as chelating agents in removing unwanted toxic metals from my body. It is fortified with one of the latest nutritional breakthrough- Boron, which plays a key role in the retention of calcium. After taking NewLife™ Calcium Complex with Boron for only a few months, my legs were strengthened. Today I continue taking them to keep me strong for many more years to come. Exercising on the Rebounder has helped to increase the bone mass, thus preventing osteoporosis. Yet it is gentle on the body. It has a clear advantage over ordinary exercises like jogging, which has a hard impact on the body that may often result in structural injuries in the back, tendon and knees.

From my own experience, I know NewLife™ products work. That explains my boldness and enthusiasm in sharing with people the NewLife™ way to help them.

Alicia Tong, March/ April 2008

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