Bio Degradable Dish Wash Concentrate

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Natural & Effective! Your dishes will be the envy of neighbours!

NewLife™ Biodegradable Dishwashing Concentrate takes care of the toughest stains. Gentle on your hands, this environment-friendly liquid is made from natural ingredients and contains plant extracts that cleans and shines your cookware, dishes and cutlery. A great kitchen aid!


  • Three times more concentrated and economical

  • Safe with no aggressive ingredients

  • Highly effective to remove grease and dirt

  • Gentle on the hands

  • Biodegradable

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A biodegradable natural dishwashing concentrate that contains plant extracts, NewLife™ Biodegradable Dishwashing Concentrate effectively cuts through toughest grease, removes heavily baked-in stains from pots and pans, leaving your cookware, glasses and dishes sparkling clean and streak-free.

  • Super concentrated and economical, it is three times more concentrated than other brands. This means you wash far more dishes using the same amount of liquid.

  • Safe and easy to use, it contains no aggressive ingredients, yet it's highly effective. A little bit goes a long way.

  • Balanced pH and gentle on the hands.

  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly, do your part to protect the environment.

My perm and chemically dyed hair was always dry, uncontrolled and brittle. Now with NewLife™ Organic 3 in 1 Herbal Hair Care, my hair is soft, manageable, glossy and vibrant in colour. Most importantly, I have peace of mind. I do not want to risk my life by having those dreadful toxic chemical dyes permeate my body through the scalp.

Kneeling was almost impossible with the pains in my knee joints. Since I bought the NewLife™ Countertop Distiller, I have been drinking at least 7 glasses of distilled water a day. Now I can kneel and jump with no pain.

I used to find my choice for personal hygiene in cheap soaps, lotions and powders, and I used chemical products to clean the house. I did not know that these products I bought for home were unseen and unlabelled chemical additives/ poisons. I know better now. I use all NewLife™ household products like Assure Laundry Detergent, Bio Degradable Dishwash Concentrate and Hydrogen Peroxide, and I shower with NewLife™ Castile Liquid Soap.

My high cholesterol history peaked at 6.1 (normal range is below 5.2 mmol/L), and I was under close monitoring by my physician. After doing the DRP, my cholesterol level regulated itself at a healthy 3.93, and I do not have to go for more check-ups. I will definitely continue to do DRP periodically to maintain my health and also to eat healthy.

I am now 61 years and used to have trouble falling asleep due to hormonal changes. Taking Kelp and Organic Chamomile Herbal Tea have helped me sleep better now.

I had never taken any calcium supplements in the past. In October 2006, I suddenly felt as if the bones in my left leg were fragmentizing. I went to the hospital and had heat treatment and physiotherapy, but the pain still remained. I started taking NewLife™ Calcium Complex with Boron. It contains chelated forms of calcium which not only enhance absorption, but also acts as chelating agents in removing unwanted toxic metals from my body. It is fortified with one of the latest nutritional breakthrough- Boron, which plays a key role in the retention of calcium. After taking NewLife™ Calcium Complex with Boron for only a few months, my legs were strengthened. Today I continue taking them to keep me strong for many more years to come. Exercising on the Rebounder has helped to increase the bone mass, thus preventing osteoporosis. Yet it is gentle on the body. It has a clear advantage over ordinary exercises like jogging, which has a hard impact on the body that may often result in structural injuries in the back, tendon and knees.

From my own experience, I know NewLife™ products work. That explains my boldness and enthusiasm in sharing with people the NewLife™ way to help them.

Alicia Tong, March/ April 2008

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